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When low on lives, replay the earlier levels over and over.
Save the game after completing each level that is replayed.
After accumulating enough lives, return to the
last level that was unlocked and continue the game.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: MadMax


At the title screen press
L1, R1, L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2.


Go to main menu and press R1 down up down up x up down R1 x

Start game in hard mode. Pause game and press left right up x down x up
lef and right. Unpause game and jump 4 times and throw a berry. Pause game
again and see a extra option which is debug mode. It will give you full
health berries and enable to skip stages.

Fully tested by Tiaan de Villiers and Wahid Callaghan.


At the title screen press L,L,R,R,U,D,L,R,U,U,D,D now you should
be able to go past LOAD GAME and it should say CHEATS now dont
go and click it because you go back up to START GAME and press
L1,R1,L1,R1,L1,R1,L1,R1,L2,R2 and then you should hear a sound
a bit like a bump now if you have a saved game go to load game
but if you haven’t go to start game when it has done all of the
loading and you are able to play press start and it should say
cheat menu select it and it should come up with some white
writing if you want to select some thing you press the left
arrow now it should come up with to arrow pointing at it

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tim


At main menu press up down left right x times 4 and circle.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Dasyan Govender and Daniel Pretorius and
Jacques and Tiaan De Villiers


I got stuck at that level becouse I did not know where to go well the
answer is that on the left,there is a ladder going to the upper deck
but u can go around it and then there will be a lever.U just have to
walk past the lever then go back to the main deck and on your
right,you can now go up then just climb up the string an d follow the
string,then at the end,there will be a big pillar, just climb up and
the umbrella will be there.

at the main menu press left,left,right,right

up,down,left,right,up,up,down,down,down.a new menu item”cheats”willappear. after entering the menu,you can press right and left to cycle though the different lists of stages.

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