Rabu, Maret 30, 2011


Metal Slug Bonus Games
After beating the game a new option will appear called ANOTHER STORY. Click on it to play three bonus games.

Metal Slug Cheat Menu
At the Options screen press X, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square.

Metal Slug Secret Prisoner
In the final mission, after you land on the ground, don't move. At the exact spot, there will be a tree. Shoot up (Up + square) at the tree's leaves several times until a prisoner fall from the tree. But, be careful as there is a rebel soldier throwing grenades at you.

Metal Slug 3 secret people on stage 2
While playing on stage 2. When you are on the bridge. Go to the spot before the Mini-Boss (The tank on the roof of the building) there is a small bush by the water. It will have a light green area on it. Start shooting that spot several times. Three prisoners will come up and each one will give you 1 metal.

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