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Level select:
Press L2, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, R2(2) at the "Press Start Button" screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

All Dragons:
Press L1, R2, L2, R2, Square, X(2) at the "Press Start Button" screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Jackie should change his outfit, and you will have all gold and red dragons. Note: This also unlocks all levels.

Movie theater option:
Press Left, Right, R1, Circle, Square, Triangle(2) at the "Press Start Button" screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Alternately, collect twenty gold dragons to unlock the Jackie Chan movie option.

Alternate costume:
Collect twenty Gold Dragons and Jackie will change into a new outfit.
Information in this section was contributed by Matt Millington and Rashad Burnett.

Dragon markers:
After completing the game without getting all the gold dragons, arrows will point to the levels in which you have not yet gotten the hidden Gold Dragon.


Hold Square. Jackie will throw a punch, then scoot back and throw a Drunken Master Punch. Your opponent should become dizzy and give you the opportunity to use the Jumpkick or any other combo.

Hold Triangle. Jackie will kick, then flip and kick.

Press Square(2), Triangle (2): Jackie should throw three punches, then turn around and hit the opponent with his butt.

Run towards a wall and hold Triangle: Jackie should run, flip off the wall, and kick the opponent behind him.
Information in this section was contributed by Nick Hernandez.
Press Roll/Dive, then immediately hold Triangle. Jackie will roll and shoot up kicking twice.

Press Roll/Dive, then immediately hold Square. Jackie will roll, then shoot up with a powerful punch.

Hold Grab button and X, Square, Circle, or Triangle. Jackie should perform one special push instead of the regular push. This will help gain more style points.

When an enemy is behind you, quickly press the D-pad in the opposite direction you are facing and press Triangle. You should do a leg sweep and trip the enemy behind you. This is also an easy way to knock down those pillars that hold up the ceiling and for breaking fences.

Hold Triangle when laying on the ground, . Jackie should spin on his head, do a helicopter kick, and make the enemies around you back away.

Repeatedly press Triangle or Square when holding a weapon to do weapon combos.

When enemies jump over Jackie press Square to grip their feet and throw them away.

Go behind the enemy and press Circle to hold him tight. This will help you, as when try to hit you they will hit their friend. Also press Square will to him in the back.
Information in this section was contributed by sayed moosawi.
Press L1 or Triangle + Circle to move back when enemy kicks Jackie. He will grip his leg, hit him with the elbow, then throw him away.

Press L1 or Triangle + Circle to move back towards an enemy. This will make Jackie grip their arm, and twist it with some kicks.

Run towards a wall and hold Triangle. Jackie should run and flip off the wall. Press Triangle again before he touches the ground. He will kick in the air once and as he touches the ground he will kick twice. This is the same as pressing Roll/Dive and holding Triangle, but much powerful.

Press Circle (grab), then while grabbing the enemy press Triangle(2) and Jackie should run up the enemy's body and kick him while doing a flip.

When you are facing a wall, press X to jump towards the wall, then jump again. If done correctly Jackie will jump off the wall, which will help get to some secret places.
Press Triangle, pause for about a half second, then repeatedly press Triangle. Jackie should kick, then do a spin kick and a leg sweep. If you are good enough, you can take out two or more enemies with this move.

When surrounded, use the Square combo and knock one man down. Then, quickly move to the next man and keep using the Square punch combo. You must be quick to get a good combo. If you keep repeating the same combos on a group of enemies very quickly, you will get combos in the twenties.

Hold Triangle. Jackie will kick, then flip and kick to get your enemy into the air. Then quickly use the Square punch combo or Triangle kick combo and Jackie will keep hitting the enemy in mid-air. Note: This requires some practice.

Press Circle to grab an enemy then quickly press Square. Jackie will grab his arms, roll over him, turn him around, and kick him in the opposite position Jackie was facing when he was grabbed. This works well when one enemy is in front of you, and more behind you -- the flying opponent will hit the other enemies and knock them down.

Hint: Practice moves:
Leave the controller idle for about twenty seconds. Jackie will start to whistle and practice fighting.

Hint: Defeating Clown:
When fighting Clown at the end of the sewer levels, try to take out the mime before going after Clown. He just gets in the way. After taking out the mime, jump on the boxing ring. When Clown tries to jump onto the ring, use jump-kick to kick him in mid-air. This will knock him down, causing no damage to Jackie. It will take quite a few hits to kill him, but it is worth it as Jackie will not lose health. This takes some practice. If you happen to run low on health, kick the lockers, as they all contain take-out boxes.

Hint: Defeating Dante:
When fighting Dante (the last Boss at the end of the game), do not let him get on his desk. If he gets on top of his desk, he will throw fireballs all over.

Hint: Defeating Disco:
When fighting Disco at the end of the rooftop levels, stay away from him when he is knocked down. He can do the same "spin on your head and do a helicopter kick" move that Jackie can do. Try to use attacks from far away, such as rolling then the double kick or upper-punch. If you get too close, he will use a devastating break-dancing move on Jackie. You cannot knock him off the roof.

Hint: Extra lives:
When you start the Rooftop level 2, jump on the elevator. To the right side is a ninja with a stick. After you kill him, the light above the door will turn on. Enter the room and kill the enemy. A ladder will come down. At the top of the ladder there is an extra life. After collecting it, exit the level and save the game. Repeat this to get as many lives as needed.

Hint: Easy kill or combo points:
Hold Triangle to kick, then flip and kick. When your enemy is flying, punch or kick him as many times as you can. You can do more combo hits by punching. You can punch him at most eight times when he is flying to get combo. Kicking will do more damage, but you can kick only four times at most; and not get many combo points.

Hint: Chinatown 3: Hidden gold dragon:
In the part where you get on some boxes to get a red dragon, and a red sport car smashes the boxes, keep going up. Get to a balcony and you will find the gold dragon.

Hint: Factory 3: Hidden gold dragon:
At the location where you fight against a man with a smoke, and there is a broom stick. Look to the second transporting "tape". You will see a wooden door. Kick it and dive-roll there.
Information in this section was contributed by Ostera Gonzalez.

Hint: Roof Top 1: Hidden gold dragon:
There is an area were you walk on some falling-plants squares. Once there, keep running until you get to the end. Jump do a wall-jump movement and hang from a hidden balcony. Note: The jumps must be precise.

Hint: Sewer 1: Hang on ledge:
At second part of level, walk up to the wall and hold the D-pad in the opposite direction from the wall and hold X (Jump). This will get you to the ledge. Keep on doing the same thing to get to the top. Release the D-pad immediately before you hang on to the ledge or you will fall off. This requires practice.

Hint: Sewer 3: Hidden gold dragon:
In an area of the level there are some wood "tables" going to the right. Step on one of them and wait.

Hint: Sewer 3: Unlimited lives:
Wall Jump up to the ledge with the Film and Dragon. Get the Film and repeat this as many times as desired.

Hint: Sewer: Train death:
After jumping all the trains in Sewer level 3, Jackie will jump off onto a platform. A group of opponents will appear and attack. Use a regular or special throw to throw them on the train tracks. A train will run over them about every ten seconds. The enemies cannot jump up onto the platform, so they will get hit by the train causing instant death.

Hint: Sewers: "Cut, hospital" line:
Fall off the train in the sewers and most of the time Jackie Chan will said "Cut, hospital."

Hint: Waterfront 2: Hidden gold dragon:
In the area were there are many balancing boxes(and there an extra life on the left side), get to the part where you have to go a step up and dodge the balancing box. Do not dodge it. Go "north" (showing your back to the screen) and you should find a "hole" where you can hang and go to the right side.

Hint: Waterfront: Water death:
On the Waterfront levels, try to knock or throw the enemies into the water for a quick death. When indoors where there is no water, try to direct your throws towards a breakable object such as a black barrel, crate, or fence.

Hint: Shaolin Temple: Bloopers:
In the Shaolin Temple bonus level, some of the ninjas Jackie is fighting will say "lay off or your grandfather gets it". However you can only get to the Shaolin Temple after completing the game which happens after Jackie fights Dante and already saves his grandfather.

Hint: Shaolin Temple: Drunken Master:
On the Shaolin Temple bonus level, break all the pots around the entrance of the temple. One of them contains a vase-like bottle. Press Circle and Jackie will take a big swig out of the bottle. This will turn him into the "Drunken Master." He will now have different and more powerful moves. He loses his Drunken Master powers whenever he drops the bottle. However, it never breaks when he drops it unless it is thrown by pressing Circle.

Hint: Shaolin Temple: Alternate costume:
On the Shaolin Temple bonus level, Jackie will be in a different outfit. He will have a long black shirt and khaki pants.

Hint: Kicking boxes and vending machines:
Some boxes that look like packages (they have a small "this side up" arrow on them) can be kicked at enemies. This can also be done with vending machines. Try to get the box or vending machine between you and the enemy. Give it a good kick and it will slide across the floor and hit your enemy. Be aware that they do not go very far across the floor, so do not expect to hit someone on the other side of a room.

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