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Enter these codes at the main menu, an engine reving will confirm correct code entry. You can only enter one code at a time and you will have to re-enter codes for each race:

Always have turbo -- R2, L1, Square, Triangle, R1, L2, L1, R2

No textures on cars -- L1, R1, L2, R2,L1, R1, L2, R2

Tiny Cars -- Square, R2, L2, Triangle, Triangle, L2, R2, Square

Big Tires -- Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, R1, R1 L2, L2

"dude" Sounds --R2, R1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, L1, R1

Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing Unlock the Twinmill 2
Enter the password: TH4T_ROCKS

Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing How to Get The ROCKBUSTER
In the race road to rustwell, after the jump that gets you wicked air, you go through the first barn thing you see the jump DON'T go off it. Yougo around the high end of it and hit the lighter colored piece of the house to your right and ram it. Then you see the ROCKBUSTER. Run into it and you have it!

Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing Secret Codes
Unlock Tow Jam - TWJM Unlock All Secret courses and cars - PWDTST

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