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Chocobo Racing Instant Speed

Before the start of the race hold up + square, you'll speed past the other racers.

Chocobo Racing Bahamut class/Mirror mode
In Grand Prix mode, play until you get a choice between two classes, Chocobo class and Behemoth class. Beat every stage in first place to get the crown for that stage, in that class. Once all the crowns for both classes (this includes the FF 8 track) are won, Bahamut class will become available. Get all the crowns in bahamut class (including the FF 8 track) and mirror mode becomes available at the option screen. Mirror mode flip-flops the tracks so that they are opposite thier normal counterparts. Imagine, Fantasia was tough enough already, now try it mirrored!

Chocobo Racing Unlockable: Secret Characters
After beating Story mode each consecutive time, you get another hidden character. To use them, highlight Squall and press the correct button:
  • 2nd time: Squall, any button except L1, L2, R1, or R2
  • 3rd time: Cid (in the tank from Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2), press L1
  • 4th time: Mumba (secret Guardian Force from FF8), press L2
  • 5th time: Cloud (main character in FF7), press R1
  • 6th time: Cactuar (a.k.a. Cactrot, from many FF games), press R2
  • 7th time: Aya (from Parasite Eve), press L1+L2
  • 8th time: Original Chocobo (non super-deformed cutesy style), press R1+R2
  • 9th time: Highwind ff6 (non super-deformed cutesy style), press L2+R2
  • 10th time: Running man (dunno), press L1+R1

Chocobo Racing Hint: Fantasia Shortcut
In the beginning of the race past the dragons and after that big u-turn, there is a sign with a red arrow on it pointing to the right. Instead of turning, go off the track to the right of the sign. You should land on a small ledge leading to the next section of the track.

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