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Here is the section where all of the secrets found in the game will be put!


If you plant flowers on your farm during Spring, Summer or Fall, Bees will travel to your farm and make hives near the Apple Tree! You can then sell it or use it in recipes. It is worth 50G, but if you give some honey to Louis, the price will go up to 60G. You can get one honey a day, and it is available all year(even in winter).

Make Quick Money

To make "quick money", you have to have two game files(And I think 2 Memory cards). Make sure you have a cow or sheep on your game(adult). Make sure to make copies of the game your taking the animal from, in case you want to play that one, and also so that you can have even more animals to get money from. Make a new game, and play that to get the money. When you go to sleep, choose the "Exchange Animals" option and have an animal come to your farm from your other copied one. Sell the animal, then repeat this process over and over.

Invisible Flowers

There are a few steps to this! It lets your plant Orange cup flowers outside!
Plant Orange Cup flowers in you field.
Water them everyday even though they are invisible.
Water them for enough days, and even though you can't see them, when you walk against them you can't go past them. You can pick them and you will hold an Orange Cup Flower!

Thanks to SailorMoon749!

Getting a "Divorce"

If you give your wife weeds or anything else she doesn't like on a constant basis, her heart color and heart meter will go down. If her heart meter is zero and her heart color is black and you go to bed, you will get up to a message that tells you that your wife left you. (Contributed by Rob)

Another Horse!

This secret is for those who have lost their horse in the second year. You can get another horse from Barley, but you have to do something first! Plant about 40 fields(40 bags) of grass on your field. One day, Barley will stop by and complement you on your fields. He will then give you another horse. To my knowledge, this horse can not be taken away, but if someone could verify this for me (since I was able to keep my horse) that'd be great!

Trick to getting all the grapes at the Winery

When Duke asks you to pick grapes for the Aja Winery, you can invite Cliff to help (and you have to if you want him to stay). In order to be paid the most possible, you have to gather every berry! But the problem is Cliff is also gathering! You can run through Cliff by holding the o button and beat him to that next berry! Contributed by

Winning the Swimming Festival

Winning the swimming festival is VERY challenging. Try the following to win it!
- The mayor didn't say you can't use a turbo pad..
-Breathe only once during the race.

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