Selasa, April 05, 2011


Spawn any Item! 

Use the console brought up by ` you must be in Devmode or have entered con_restricted = 0 in the console previously. Any weapon item or attachment can be spawned using i_giveitem eg. i_giveitem SOCOM. You need to know all the different items names and they're a little criptic at times and case sensitive! Useful if you would like a specific item from the start of the game such as a sniper scope! You can also add some of the weapons from Multiplayer like mines and claymores to single player!Cheat Effect

SOCOM =Pistol
SCAR =Standard US Rifle
FY71 =Korean Rifle
SMG =Submachine Gun
Shotgun =Shotgun
LAW =Rocket Launcher
Gauss=Rifle Gauss Rifle
DSG1 =Precision Sniper Rifle
TACGun =Tac Gun
Hurricane =Minigun
GrenadeLauncher =Grenade launcher for rifles
AssaultScope =Assault scope
SniperScope =Sniper scope
LAMRifle =Laser Aiming Module for rifles
Claymore =Claymore
FragGrenade =Grenade
SmokeGrenade =Smoke grenade
FlashbangGrenade =Flashbang
AVMine =Anti Vehicle Mine
C4 =C4 with detonator

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